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lolita_fashion's Journal

Honesty, Passion and Knowledge for Lolita
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Hello and welcome.

This is a community that is open to all forms of lolita fashion and to all levels of experience in said fashion.

What? I thought there were already a dozen and a half comm's out there like that! What makes this one any different? I'm already a member of _____ why should I join this one too?

Well . . . this community has risen out of a deep dissatisfaction I have with other communities and their failures to set out to enforce their own ideals and integrity. It seems to me that there is a severe lack of common ground knowledge being expressed umungst lolita on live journal as well or a lack of willingness to step foreword and honestly share opinions and knowledge in favor of becoming a "nice" community. To hell with that! Hence this community comes into being for all of you who are similarly frustrated with what you are seeing in most communities and to those of you who are interested in learning more on lolita from someone who has a genuine interest in what happens to the fashion. So below I've taken the liberty of listing our top ten goals and rules those of you who decide to join should strive to achieve.

1. This is unfortunately one of those horrible communities where all the posts go through a mod first. However most of my time is spent on line doing school work and what not so please don't worry about a long turn over period. I'll make sure to check daily to give approval or disapproval.

2. This community is not here to be "nice". This community is here to be honest and to keep others from becoming mislead in their pursuit of better understanding lolita fashion and culture. If you can not take constructive criticism please leave.

3. By the same token we are not here to say completely inappropriate remarks about someone's outfit because I'm sure you all remember how intimidating it was the first time you put on your head dress (language of any type will not be repremanded though :P). Being nasty is what lolita_fucks is for, and if you've found your way up on there in a less than positive light I highly encourage you to ask for advice here. As or the rest of you don't drop any attack bombs without reason, if a "horrible looking" post has gotten through its because I believe it will be beneficial to the poster to have some advice as well as members to learn from what is being said.

4. Take the opportunity to post your achievements, sewing projects, discussions on lolita etiquette and lifestyle, photo shoots, for sale items, tutorials and any news you think is relevant to the lolita community in your state or country. If giving news about an event please make sure to include a link to a site or if that is unavailable please make sure to be as detailed as possible in who is showing up, dress code, location, date, etc.

5. A special emphasis will be placed in helping new comers here. Many times we often see the end result of someone who was too scared to open their mouth to ask questions and decides to follow on through with a limited amount of knowledge and the end result looks terrible. So with this in mind please be welcoming and helpful to new comers expressing an interest or asking for help. If you truly want to see a better lolita community you'll help us all work together to revamp it from the bottom on up.

6. A horrible truth of this community will be that there really isn't that much room for experimentation in lolita fashion. And while I sorely regret this, the purpose of this community is to act appropriately within and to help define a more concrete set of the "rules" for lolita. Lolita despite our love of it remains a subculture, we will never be able to experiment and break new boundaries if we do not first set a firm image of who we are as a community. You have to know the rules before you can break them.

7. When discussing observations about lolita culture, lifestyle and philosophies in your area please be specific about where you are EVEN IF YOU THINK OTHERS KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. This will help everyone on the community to establish their own opinions about their own community and give us a greater sense of the lolita fashion world wide.

8. I don't care how you post a picture that's not your own unless its water marked. Then you must provide a link in addition to the picture or give proper credit along with an email or some other form of contact to the person it belongs to.

9. Whatever you do have fun.

10. The tenth rule is reserved for whatever not mentioned here desperately needs to be said in your own opinion. This is the rule that you have formed in your head after countless hours spent interacting with others in the community and you see a desperate need for. The way this rule will come into effect is by expressing your opinions about it to others and following it through your behavior.